Global Tezos Ecosystem Grants Program

The Global Tezos Ecosystem Grants Program is an initiative to bring small grants to the Tezos community around the world. The grant programs will range in requirements and funding levels depending on geographic considerations. Recipients will retain the opportunity to apply for additional grants.
The current regions and supporting communities can be found below:
TZ APAC one of the leading Asia adoption entities supporting the Tezos ecosystem, will offer ecosystem growth grants with the objective of cultivating new ideas through small-level funding. The program will expand the reach of the Tezos community to new builders and creators to act as a springboard for early-stage concepts. The program will be administered in partnership with Tezos India.
Tezos India an organization dedicated to growing the Tezos community in India, will partner with TZ APAC to administer the ecosystem growth grant program. The initiative will expand on their current efforts to boost the grassroots growth of the Tezos ecosystem from the Tezos India Fellowship. The fellowship offers top developers in India mentorship, the opportunity to build on the Tezos network, access to the global Tezos ecosystem, and a $2,000 stipend over the course of the 8-week mentor-led program.
TZ Connect a Berlin-based team dedicated to advancing the Tezos ecosystem, will debut mentorship and entrepreneurial residency programs as part of the community grants initiative. The programs will be focused on supporting builders and creators exploring Tezos with funding to initiate development and ideation of new products, applications, and tools on Tezos. Additionally, the TZ Connect programs will focus on individuals and groups raising awareness about Tezos through educational or informational activities.
Tezos Isreal an innovation lab that serves the Israeli ecosystem in educating, training, and onboarding blockchain technology, will target students and developers seeking to build decentralized applications; the grant program will enable such individuals to do so on Tezos by giving builders the resources to ideate and design powerful applications.
Tezos Africa an organization supporting the adoption of Tezos in the region, will offer grants to support projects uniquely tailored to solve local challenges throughout Africa. The existing chapters already covering North Africa, West, Central and East Africa will assist in selecting the best initiatives thanks to their local expertise. The grants aim to support activities and initiatives across the region to introduce young people in Africa to Blockchain and Tezos.