A cumulative list of enterpise/government affiliated projects taking place on the Tezos blockchain.
Examples include:


MoneyTrack is a payment platform for “directed money”. The Decentralized Application (D-App) digitizes, secures and controls directed payment flows, whose applications are wide: insurance compensation, consumer credit, state aid, gift card … The company operates on a private version of the Tezos blockchain with its insurance partners, and performs periodic registrations on the public network.

Global POS - Easy Wallet

A payment software editor prepared an instant retail payment solution in TEZ. The solution combines software downloaded on current payment terminals and a mobile wallet application for users. • The merchant instantly receives the counterpart in euros, the conversion being carried out by partner exchanges. • The company behind the project intends to become a baker, which will allow it to offer its customers staking, making the unspent TEZ grow.


WereNode is a project allowing to pay with a mobile wallet the redeeming of an electric car at a charging station. It simplifies the connection to the charging network and makes the data auditable and verifiable by use of the Tezos blockchain.Werenode has chosen Tezos, for its far more energy efficient network and its ability to formally verify the smart contracts. Werenode users will be able to pay for their charging period with Visa, MasterCard, Bank transfer, or forthcoming Werecoin tokens which is a Tezos-based cryptocurrency.

Sword Tezos Digisign

In September 2020, Sword Group, an international leader in technological and digital transformation for businesses, launched Tezos DigiSign, an open source tool built on the Tezos blockchain that enables users to digitally sign, certify, and verify the authenticity of digital documents.


Securely deploy, manage and monitor your blockchain applications choosing the infrastructure and region of your choice (ie. Azure, Scaleway, GoogleCloud, AWS - relying on Kubernetes open-source application containers). Automate the administration of your infrastructure without a dedicated DevOps team. Prevent unauthorized third-parties from interacting with your blockchain network. Deploy close to your business applications for better response time and throughput.

Sword Groupe

Sword has joined the Tezos consensus to validate transactions. By becoming a baker, Sword validates certified transactions on the blockchain, with the idea that baking participates in blockchain market infrastructures. Typically, Sword will be able to include its own transactions in its blocks at zero-fees and provide storage to include transactions for its customers.

Gendarmerie Cybercrime

The French Armies and Gendarmerie’s Information & Public Relations Center (SIRPA) announced that since September 2019, the Gendarmerie’s cybercrime division (C3N) has been validating judicial expenses incurred during investigations and recording them on the Tezos blockchain. It is the first government use of the Tezos protocol.