Corporate Baking

Introduction to Corporate Baking
Baking within Tezos refers to the act of producing and validating new blocks for the Tezos network. Under Tezos’ Liquid Proof of Stake (LPoS) design, stakeholders retain the ability to either bake on their own or delegate to a bakery, who will charge a fee for their services. In order for a stakeholder to begin baking on their own, they must hold at a minimum 8,000 tez, following the passing of the Athens protocol upgrade in 2019.
This design is referred to as being ‘liquid’ not only in the sense that there are no fixed set of validators producing and validating blocks on the network, as in a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) design, but, stakeholders have the additional ability to bake on their own (PoS) and their delegated stake is never locked, it remains ‘liquid’ and free to move.
A corporate baking operation provides select enterprises with firsthand experience of actually using the network in the most direct form — securing it through their baking operation.
Corporate Bakers on Tezos

EDF / Exaion

As a subsidiary of the energy provider EDF providing high computing power, Exaion joined the consensus to validate transactions on the Tezos network. Exaion aims to prepare business grade decentralized solutions and a future transaction market with financial players. Exaion is an open baker, allowing third-part Tezos to delegate their Tez and earn rewards.

Sword Group / Sword France

In November 2020, it was announced that Sword France, subsidiary of Sword Group had begun a baking operation on the Tezos Network. Sword France is also responsible for the release of Tezos DigiSign - an open source tool to sign, verify, and store documents using the Tezos blockchain.

The Blockchain Group / Blockchain Xdev

In February 2021, The Blockchain Group announced that they will become a corporate baker on the Tezos network through its subsidiary - Blockchain Xdev. The Blockchain Group is also responsible for launching a tokenization platform back in December 2020.


Created by founders of SmartChain consulting company, SmartNode is an entity dedicated to delegation or staking services. As a public baker on the Tezos network, SmartNode proposes As a public baker on the Tezos network, SmartNode proposes to stake tez at a low commission fees. SmartNode integrates a simple solution to access tez easier through prepaid cards.


CoinHouse is one of the only Virtual Asset Services Provider (VASP) registered by the French regulator AMF and launched a baker on Tezos. Customers are able to delegate their tez to the baker to get rewards. Assets are delegated and custodian in accordance with the highest legal standards in French law.
Ubisoft, a leading creator, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment and services, including popular gaming series such as the Assassin’s Creed series, has joined the Tezos ecosystem as a corporate baker.
Taurus allows its clients to digitize and tokenize any type of private assets as well as manage cryptoassets, and digital currencies with next generation digital infrastructure - all with the same platform. Taurus is a corporate baker on the Tezos network.
Taibah Valley
Saudi Arabia-based Taibah Valley, has announced that it will join the Tezos ecosystem as a corporate baker, the first in the Middle East region, and has added the Tezos blockchain to its blockchain lab projects as part of its initiative to create the biggest blockchain community in the MENA region.
A leader of digital insurance in Europe, Wakam has expanded its involvement in the Tezos ecosystem by becoming a corporate baker. Becoming a Tezos baker is a new step in Wakam’s ambitious plan to get involved and better understand the vast number of opportunities the world of blockchain provides.
Smartlink, a decentralized escrow smart contract platform built on Tezos, expanded its involvement in the ecosystem by becoming a corporate baker. Smartlink provides end-to-end online escrow solutions to ensure highly reliable transactions and low processing costs while removing the need for costly third-parties. Smartlink is built on Tezos and by officially becoming a baker, Smartlink will now help validate transactions on the Tezos blockchain.